Pro-Life Stations Held On Good Friday
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
April 13, 2023
ROCKFORD—“A Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion” was held the morning of Good Friday across Auburn Street from the abortion facility here.
Individuals held each of the 14 stations provided as organizer Kevin Rilott walked from station to station and led the prayers from booklets created by the Pro-Life Action League. The group of adults of all ages, youths and a handful of little children gathered that sunny spring morning to pray for mercy for all and an end to abortion.
The moving texts included passages from the biblical Passion of Jesus, from the psalms and other Old Testament books, along with prayers for all involved in the abortion industry.
“Have mercy … on the little ones who this very day must receive the cross of rejection and pain in the secrecy of their own mother’s womb … on all pregnant mothers who are overwhelmed by anxieties … on the women who are tempted to avoid embarrassment by aborting their babies … on all pro-life workers trying to help pregnant women … “on those guilty of a second abortion … on the professional abortionists and their assistants … on the little ones who this day are being nailed to their cross of pain … “on all who, guilty of the sin of abortion, are tempted to despair of ever being forgiven. May they come to a keen realization that your atonement on the cross is so great that only their refusal to confess their sin and repent their fault can render them unqualified for reconciliation with (Jesus’) Father …”
And finally at the 14th Station: “… on all those supporting the abortion industry — the abortionists, politicians, lawyers, journalists and ordinary citizens — that they might have the grace to realize the magnitude of the sin they promote, repent their fault, and do what they can to stop abortion in our country and in the whole world.”
After the event, participants were encouraged to visit the Pregnancy Care Center on Morsay Dr. to express their support prior to a pro-abortion protest scheduled for that afternoon.
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