Aurora High Schools Hold Summer Camps
May 4, 2023
AURORA—Three Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Rockford — Aurora Central Catholic High School (ACC), Marmion Academy and Rosary High School — will hold summer camps for grade-school students. Registration deadlines and costs vary; visit the school websites for more information. 
-- ACC: Aurora CCHS offers camps for boys and girls in third through eighth grades at Registration deadlines are in late June. 
-- Marmion: Marmion Academy offers high school and grade school camps in baseball, basketball, bass fishing, cross country, volleyball and more at
High school camps are open to incoming freshmen.
The earliest camps are the high school football and basketball camps, starting May 30 and 31 (respectively); the rest are in June and July. 
-- Rosary: Rosary High School offers academic and athletic camps for grade school and high school girls at
Academic camps, June 5-9, are open to fourth through eighth grades and include photography, experimental painting, theatre and choral arts, STEM and more.
All-day options are available. Athletic camps are in June and July.
Cheerleading is open to first through eighth grades; basketball, soccer, and track and field are all open to third through eight grades; and volleyball is open to fourth through eighth grades. 
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