Catechists Honored for Inviting Students to the Lord
September 14, 2023
DIOCESE—Catechetical Sunday, Sept. 17, is a day to honor teachers of the faith. This year’s theme is “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,” from Matthew 11:28. 
In the Rockford Diocese, long-term awards will be given to catechists who are being honored for a milestone year of service.
Recipients of the Bishop O’Neill Award in Catechetics are faithful Catholics who deserve recognition for outstanding service, normally given over a considerable period of time. 
It is not necessary that a parish or school have award recipients every year. Persons receive the Bishop O’Neill award only once. 
The following catechists will be honored at parishes, most during the weekend of Sept. 16-17.
Long-term catechists (and years of service)
ALGONQUIN -- St. Margaret Mary: Mary Ann Watt 10
AURORA -- St. Nicholas: Adrian Ortega 10, Veronica Perez 10, Daysi Chavez 10, Columba Nino 10, Norma Avila 10, Ronaldo Tovar 10, Aleyda Santillan 10, Jose Cano 10, Alfredo Ruiz 20
BELVIDERE -- St. James: Pamela Barr 5, Javier Ramos 6, Valentina De Paz 10, Diane Kereszturi  10, Carol Linkenheld 10, Gabriela Reagan 15, Suzanne Savides 15
ELGIN -- St. Mary: Agnes Salichs 10
GENEVA -- St. Peter: Jeni Germann 10, Elizabeth Conroy 10, Donna O’Dea 20
HAMPSHIRE -- St. Charles Borromeo: Joseph Hahn 5, Nicole Dumoulin 10, Katherine Nelson 15
HARVARD -- St. Joseph: Leticia Figueroa 10, Georgina Nava 10, Maricela Uzarraga 15
HUNTLEY -- St. Mary: John Ryan 45
MCHENRY -- Holy Apostles: Kelly Floden 10, Amber Emmert 10, Mary Mauch 10, Edith Varga 10
ROCKFORD -- Holy Family: Tami Verstraete 10
Bishop O’Neill Award
ALGONQUIN -- St. Margaret Mary: Heidi Nejmeh, John Schneider, Clare Titus, Amalia Dempsey
AURORA -- St. Nicholas: Mayra Alejo, Jose Martinez, Antonio Chavez
CARPENTERSVILLE -- St. Monica: Fany Tinajero, Maria del Rosario Lopez, Maria Isabel Patino, Maria Aguilera
DEKALB -- St. Mary: Maria del Rosario Esteban Hernandez, Juan Jesus Blanco Vega, Petra Ortiz Salgado, Fidel Roman Alvarez
ELGIN -- St. Mary: Hortencia Fernandez, Victor Pierce
GENEVA  -- St. Peter: Kristi Kusak, Mary Ellen McInerney, Laura Binetti, Elizabeth Conroy
HAMPSHIRE -- St. Charles Borromeo: Jennifer Beeber, Rebecca Dumoulin
HUNTLEY -- St. Mary: Sharlene Stellmach, Julie Summers
LENA -- St. Joseph: Tracy Dahl
NORTH AURORA -- Blessed Sacrament: Gabriele Benelli, Geri Riddle
SAVANNA -- St. John the Baptist: Christine McIntyre, Carmen Rucobo 
STERLING -- St. Mary: Steve Maruffo, Dawn Maruffo
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