Catholics Awarded for Creative Philanthropy
November 23, 2023
ROCKFORD—One group and one individual illustrated the charitable legacy of the Catholic faith as they were cited during National Philanthropy Day, Nov. 14.
The local chapter of the Association for Fundraising Professionals holds its annual luncheon on that day where it honors models of philanthropy throughout Northern Illinois through six different awards. This year Catholics were well represented among the “Art of Giving” themed awards.  
The group said “this year we honor the creative expression of generosity and acknowledge the impact philanthropy has on making our community beautiful. Each nominee has added brush strokes to the community’s canvas helping to make a masterpiece thanks to ‘The Art of Giving’.”
The Outstanding Legacy Award was presented to the family of the late Jody Deery. Deery was nominated for her outstanding example of generosity by including charity and the Catholic Church as one of her “children” in her will. Deery consistently gave of her time, talent and treasure during her lifetime and continued that in her creative estate planning. 
The Boylan Central Catholic High School junior and senior art students were recipients of the Presidential Youth Service Award for participation in the “Housing Matters” art exhibition sponsored by Habitat 
for Humanity.
The exhibition focused on positive messaging regarding affordable housing. Boylan’s student artists used a variety of media, including filmed presentations, to depict housing’s personal, family, cultural, and socioeconomic benefits. 
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