A Sacred Heart Success Story for 2024
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
May 16, 2024
CARY—“When a friend called me three weeks ago and asked if I would be willing to solicit material benefactors to purchase a Sacred Heart billboard for the month of June, I jumped on it immediately because that’s what the world needs now is Him!” says Matt Nick, a parishioner at SS. Peter and Paul Parish.
“Our goal was to see if we could raise enough money for two or three billboards,” he says, noting, “We just reached out to our friends and asked them to reach out to their friends.”
Billboard Locations:
-- Crystal Lake — Off Rte. 176 and Rte. 31 near Smith Road 
-- Crystal Lake — Rte. 31 and Rte. 176 near Smith Road, placed on the 
property of Liberty Self Storage
n Crystal Lake — Rte. 31 and Half Mile Road 
n Crystal Lake —US-14 and Ridgefield Road
n Crystal Lake — US-14, next to Algonquin Township
n Crystal Lake — US-14 and Nimco Dr.
-- Chicago — 294 East Side, .6 miles north of Wolf Road, facing northeast
-- Fox River Grove — US-14, just east of Rte. 22
-- Harvard — US-14 between Streit and Lembecke Roads
-- Marengo — Rte. 20 near Beck Road and S. Union Road
-- Palatine — Southeast corner of Lake Cook Road, just east of Rte. 12 
facing west (while driving east toward Rte. 53)
-- Richmond — Spring Grove Road and Rte. 12
-- Volo — West side of Rte. 12, 400 feet from Sullivan Lake Road
-- Woodstock — Southeast corner of US-14 and Doty Road
That simple effort took off beyond their wildest hopes.
“Almost immediately I started getting text messages with pledges,” Nick says, “and the text messages kept coming and coming and coming. We were getting text messages with pledges from people we didn’t even know.”
Soon, the pair had collected over $15,000. They began to schedule billboards including one near O’Hare Airport. 
“Our first billboard was a 10.5’x60’ billboard in Fox River Grove,” Nick says, “We then bought another in Volo and then Woodstock and Palatine … We then connected with Liberty Outdoor Advertising owned by Angela and Bryan Javor who loved the idea of promoting the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus so much that they gave us a huge break on the cost of seven more billboards for a grand total of 14!” 
That unexpected success happened in a mere three weeks, and Nick knows who to thank, saying, “God truly did all the heavy lifting.”
Additionally, Nick reached out to a priest friend to see if he would write a prayer that the benefactors and others could pray for all the people who will view the billboards. His friend came through with a prayer that everyone is welcome to pray for those who will see the billboards in the Fox Valley area and beyond. 
America Needs Fatima began to promote this billboard project last year. It was begun two years ago by a Florida woman. This year, it is predicted to result in 1,000 billboards across the country all sporting the simple and lovely message (see illustration).
The 14 area billboards promoting the Sacred Heart during the month of June will be found at six locations in Crystal Lake, and also in Chicago, Fox River Grove, Harvard, Marengo, Palatine, Richmond, Volo and Woodstock.
“It is so humbling how our Lord works,” Nick says, adding that the Javor’s told him they plan to keep the vinyl signs and save them for next year. 
The two faithful Catholics who started this effort and the donors, he adds, know that God can make very good things happen with prayers and billboards.
Prayer to the Most Sacred Heart 
Composed for the spiritual and material billboard benefactors to pray during the month of June. 
During this month of Your Most Sacred Heart I pray O Lord, that all who look upon your Sacred Image may be drawn into profound union with You. 
If it be Your Will, make Your holy presence known to them in an undeniable manner. 
I pray that Your abundant grace may flood their mind and heart so as to expel the presence of the enemy, drive away the spirit of fear, and loosen and dissolve any evil foothold or entanglement. 
May their hearts be freed and fully submerged in the abyss of Your Divine Love. 
+ Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, may your beautiful love be fully known to all souls. 
+ Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, may every fear, doubt and distress be calmed. 
+ Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world. 
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