A Prayer, a Litany For Our Time
By Amanda Hudson
The Des Plaines Carmelite nuns say that after Pope Francis prayed this particular Litany before the Blessed Sacrament in Rome on March 27, the numbers of deaths and infections of COVID-19 in Italy showed a striking decline.
It is a beautiful prayer in and of itself. If our prayers can help to dampen down the coronavirus, how wonderful that will indeed be. God always hears the prayers we pray!
As with most litanies, the response is prayed after each sentence, where the bolded “R” is shown.
The responses are italicized below and are repeated in that section only. God bless you!
Litany of Supplication and Hope
True God and true man, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, R. We adore you, O Lord.
Our Savior, God with us, faithful and rich in mercy, R.
King and Lord of creation and of history, R.
Conqueror of sin and death, R.
Friend of humankind, the Risen One, the Living One who sits at the right hand of the Father, R.
Only begotten Son of the Father, descended from heaven for our salvation, R. We believe in you, O Lord.
Heavenly Physician, you bow down over our misery, R.
Lamb who was slain, you offer yourself to rescue us from evil, R.
Good Shepherd, you give your life for the flock which you love, R.
Living Bread and medicine for immortality, you give us eternal life, R.
From the power of Satan and the seductions of the world, R. Deliver us, O Lord.
From the pride and presumption of being able to do anything without you, R.
From the deception of fear and anxiety, R.
From unbelief and desperation, R.
From hardness of heart and the incapacity to love, R.
From every evil that afflicts humanity, R. Save us, O Lord.
From hunger, from famine and from egoism, R.
From illnesses, epidemics and the fear of our brothers and sisters, R.
From devastating madness, from ruthless interests and from violence, R.
From being deceived, from false information and the manipulation of consciences, R.
Protect your Church which crosses the desert, R. Comfort us, O Lord.
Protect humanity terrified by fear and anguish, R.
Protect the sick and the dying, oppressed by loneliness, R.
Protect doctors and healthcare providers exhausted by the difficulties that they are facing, R.
Protect politicians and other authorities who bear the weight of having to make decisions, R.
In the hour of trial and from confusion, R. Grant us your Spirit, O Lord.
In temptation and in our fragility, R.
In the battle against evil and sin, R.
In the search for what is truly good and for true joy, R.
In the decision to remain in you and in your friendship, R.
Should sin oppress us, R. Open us to hope, O Lord.
Should hatred close our hearts, R.
Should sorrow visit us, R.
Should indifference cause us anguish, R.
Should death overwhelm us, R.