Mary, Untier of Knots, Big or Small, Won’t Stop Asking, ‘Will You Do What He Asks?’
By Father John Slampak, STL

Have you ever been asked to listen to what has happened to a person, even if it is a little improbable, if not absurd?

“You won’t believe what I just saw, did, ...!”

Have you ever opened a book and the thoughts jump-raced to your heart?

Have you ever read John 3:16?

Have you ever awakened in the third hour of the night and found 3:16 flashing at you?

More than likely, you have had a great moment of grace and you knew it, yet did nothing. Me? Something from God?

Hmmm! Me. You.

Start with this: can you see the day and date of your first Communion?

Or even simply receiving Communion, following Him. Following Him, everywhere you are.
Jesus calls each of us to a thorough examination of what we nurse in our lives which may be destructive and corrosive on our journey with Him.

Our resentments, our unhelpful attitudes, our condemnation of others, all serve to destroy us just as badly as any knife taken to our bodies ... .

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote about this particular grace of God. Where she was, 290,000 people were “scheduled” to go to the gas chamber. One young Jewish girl was saved, with all her family. They could not close the door and she was pulled out and saved. Because she has been on a list, she was not listed again, and was saved. She thought she had been saved by God to tell the world what really had happened. She promised God to do that.

 She thought, “If I did that, I would be no better than Hitler, I would spend the rest of my life sowing seeds of hate, revenge, negativity.”

She made a new promise, “I will stay here until I can genuinely forgive him.”

 Jesus calls upon us, day by day, to free ourselves from all the pent up hate, rage, rankling and debilitating jealousy which so often disfigures our lives.

Before God, what have you done with what you had?

Whom did you do it for?

Mary, untier of knots, big or small, won’t stop asking, “Will you do what He asks?”

She will nudge you and somehow ask, turn your heart on ... it’s three o’clock ... .

“Refuse God nothing.”