Don’t Let the Confusing Words of the World Steer You Away from Christ
By Father John Slampak, STL

Snoopy, perched on a rock, looks down menacingly upon the valley below, says to no one there,

“Here’s the fierce mountain lion sitting upon a rock, waiting for a victim to come along.”

Along comes Lucy, who says to Snoopy, “you think you look like a fierce mountain lion sitting on a rock waiting for a victim to come along, don’t you?”

“Well, you don’t!”

“You look like a stupid Beagle sitting on a rock pretending he’s a fierce mountain lion sitting on a rock waiting for a victim to come along.”

Snoopy says, “I had a hard time following that ... .”

Do you find that it is sometimes difficult to understand today’s parlance, as though the world is tied up in knots? It’s as though babble has been reversed and everybody is on third.

In the midst of the grip of sin in our lives, the world is scaring everyone to, well, death. It may be able to be cured, fixed so that you and I can do “God,’s” will. Words from the world can sometimes perch over us and may confuse us and steer us away from Christ.

You may have noticed a Christmas TV ad which made an appearance in August, this year. Here are a few excerpts:

“Hello, America. It’s too early for Christmas, so just to be clear, this is not a Christmas commercial. However, let’s say you have an event in late December that you need a lot of gifts for, like maybe as if your entire family is having a birthday on the same day.

Now’s the time to go to K-mart and put those gifts on layaway.” Etc., etc. ... all the details, ab libitum, forever more.

The ad ends with the words, “Merry Birthday!”

It’s not even worth an argument, before or after the Yule-time.

Look at it carefully.

They are destroying the words to rid life, ever so softly, of God’s birth.

Don’t buy it.

It’s so simple.

Give yourself to Him. It really isn’t Christmas.