Did You Know that a Butterfly, Depending on How You Look, Can Have from 2 to 2OO,OOO Eyes?
By Father John Slampak, STL

Some time back, I began some reflections regarding the TV series, “The Dome,” for no other reason than it focused on a butterfly, probably a monarch.

We used to play with them, there were so many.

Then, but not now.

I asked a dear friend, “What does monarch mean?”

He responded, “It comes from the old German and means, leader, the only leader.”

An interesting direction but not quite where I am trying to get.

I’m very much taken up with prayer and rediscovering God in all of life. I’ll use Linus, Lucy, and Snoopy, once again as examples of hope.

Linus, speaking to Snoopy, says, “Some dogs are fun to play with. Some dogs chase sticks when you throw them. Some dogs chase sticks and then bring them back.”

Snoopy says, “Some dogs are pretty dumb!”

Linus starts to throw a stick to disinterested Snoopy, “Here Snoopy! Chase the stick. I’ll bet if you tried it once, you’d think it was fun.”

Walking away, Snoopy says, “That’s why I don’t want to start.  ... I’m afraid I might enjoy it!”

Linus, persevering, tosses the stick one more time. He says, sadly, “You won’t do it, huh?”

Snoopy says, “Nope!” And walks away.

Lying on the top of his dog house, he says, wistfully, “I want people to have more to say about me after

I’m gone than ‘He was a nice guy. ... He chased sticks!’ ”

Or, put it this way. Snoopy has been dancing for days and days.

Lucy stops him and says, “If you knew how much sadness there is in this world, you wouldn’t be dancing!”

Snoopy stops and Lucy says, “I’m glad you came to your senses.”

Holding his foot, Snoopy says, “It wasn’t that. ... My feet were beginning to hurt.”