Donate to Pro-life Biker, Support Johnsburg Pregnancy Care Center
July 6, 2023
JOHNSBURG—”Imagine a culture that protects, dignifies and celebrates all life, especially those most vulnerable,” reads a press release by the Christian nonprofit organization Biking for Babies. “This is the world Biking for Babies is striving to build, one pedal stroke at a time.”
For the 79 missionaries setting out on the 600-plus-mile National Ride this July, make that many pedal strokes. But McHenry County resident, father and cyclist Jack Gebert can imagine that world. 
“There is no greater pursuit than to use your talents for the glory of God and the service of neighbor,” Gebert says about why he bikes. 
During their rides, Gebert and the other missionaries will raise funds and awareness for their partnered pregnancy care centers. Gebert will be riding for 1st Way Life Center in Johnsburg, a Christian center that provides free pregnancy tests and counseling, parental training, baby items and more. 
To donate to 1st Way Life Center, visit
Biking for Babies also provides information on donating and cheering on bikers at
—Compiled from information provided by Nikki Biese, Biking for Babies executive director. 
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