National Appeal Weekend Jan. 13-14
First Combined Collection Happens This Weekend
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
January 11, 2024
DIOCESE—The first combined collection in 2024 will be taken up in parishes the weekend of Jan. 13-14.
This “One in Christ” National Appeal combines several special collections into one collection — a practice begun some decades ago by the late Bishop Arthur J. O’Neill to lessen the number of “second collections” in parishes of the Rockford Diocese.
The National Appeal will benefit:
-- The Retirement Fund for Religious, an annual appeal to assist over 25,000 elderly Catholic sisters, brothers, and religious order priests, most of whom worked for the Church for many years for small stipends and room and board. This part of the National Appeal will help religious communities care for their elderly and ill members. Last year the Diocese of Rockford distributed $137,020 to this effort. (more information:
The National Appeal also will benefit:
-- The Catholic Communication Campaign supports Catholic media projects that spread the Gospel message in the Diocese of Rockford and all over the United States. Last year, this diocese contributed $117,889 to this part of the appeal. (
-- The Catholic Campaign for Human Development works to assist community-based groups that create jobs,   improve   education, strengthen neighborhoods and otherwise tackle root causes of poverty in the U.S. Twenty-five percent of this part of the appeal funds anti-poverty projects within the Rockford Diocese. Last year, the diocese distributed $20,498 toward this effort. (
-- The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. was established in 1887 and annually provides a Catholic education grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition to over 5,000 students. The Rockford Diocese gave $7,484 to CUA last year. (
-- Catholic School Financial Support for Diocesan Schools supports schools that need assistance to be financially viable. Last year, $70,000 was distributed to needy schools in the diocese. (
-- Rockford Diocesan Priests’ Pension is a plan to support retired priests of the diocese (37 currently). Last year, the faithful of the Rockford Diocese gave $139,139 to this part of the appeal. (
As had the late Bishop Thomas G. Doran, Bishop David Malloy has continued the three combined collection system in the Rockford Diocese. “Your prayerful consideration of this year’s 2024 National Appeal in the Diocese of Rockford is appreciated,” he says in his letter to the faithful of the diocese, calling it “an opportunity to support local and national efforts to share the Gospel …
“Thank you for your support of the 2024 National Appeal.”


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