Bishop Celebrates All School Mass At All Saints
All School Mass is a faith-filled start to the new year.
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
January 18, 2024
ROCKFORD—Bishop David Malloy celebrated Mass for all the students at All Saints Catholic Academy the morning of Jan. 10. It was, he said regretfully, his first Mass at the school since the academy opened.
Bishop Malloy introduced himself to the children, describing the size of the diocese and his role and responsibilities as its bishop. He asked them to pray for him so when he meets Jesus, he can tell Jesus that he had done everything that he could.
Drawing on the first reading (1 Sm 3:1-10, 19-20), Bishop Malloy spoke about how God calls everyone, including children. At the time of Samuel’s call, “he could be the age of any of you here,” Bishop Malloy said. “God doesn’t wait until you’re an old man like me. God doesn’t wait until you are into college to say, ‘I need you.’ God doesn’t wait until high school. God is calling each one of you … He’s made you and He has a plan. He wants you someplace in his whole plan … you are not an accident, but you have to respond.”
“He’s calling you and me by our name because He knows us. Maybe it’s in your heart … but every one of us has to be listening in that silence of faith.”
The Church, the bishop added, teaches us how to respond. “Samuel had to have the heart, courage and that purity to say to God, Start talking, I’m listening.’ That’s what it’s all about.  …
“Every one of us has a place that God wants for us. … We have to be listening in our heart to hear God’s call to us by name.”
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