Honoring a Long-Time Teacher
January 25, 2024
ST. CHARLES—On Dec. 20, Sue Ellen White retired from St. Patrick School in St. Charles after 42 years of teaching. 
She taught first grade her first four years, then third grade for three years, then again became a first grade teacher to the end of her career. The biggest reason she loved teaching first grade, she says, was the chance to help those 1,200 students begin to read. 
“It was very rewarding to see that transformation” of the students, she says, including “a lot of growth” for those who were reading at the start of first grade. 
White also says that “sharing my faith with little ones is important,” and it helped them to start “thinking beyond themselves.” 
While teaching those ABCs she also, according to a writeup in the parish bulletin, “taught them self-discipline, the value of hard work, the feeling of accomplishment and overcoming difficult tasks.” 
Additionally, White coached volleyball for 23 years, and served on faculty committees and as a teaching partner and mentor. An assembly of current and former students gathered at the school the week prior to her retirement. 
“It was sweet,” White said afterwards. “I’ve had a lot of kids stop by to congratulate me. That’s been nice.” 
Noting she has “no big plans” for retirement, she ponders “a little bit of traveling” as well as volunteering and says simply, “We’ll see where life brings me.”
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