Catholic Coders: STEM Programs Inspire Diocesan Students
January 25, 2024
DIXON—For years, Catholic students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in the Diocese of Rockford have found new opportunities to study and experiment. 
Today, students and teachers continue to learn side-by-side to inspire even the youngest students to study both faith and reason. 
Kindergarten and second-grade students at St. Anne School in Dixon are introduced to coding through several robots: Ozobots, Bee-Bots and Wonder Workshop’s “Dash” robot.  
They learn to give the robots simple commands with keys, iPad programs and even hand-colored sequences that they fill in with markers. 
Just as these students bring art into coding, STEM programs can also expand to include art and religion, called STEAM and STREAM. 
Talarie Bilharz, principal, is enthusiastic about St. Anne  School’s STEM program and looks forward to teaching a two-hour coding class.
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