Benedictine Ordained to the Priesthood
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
May 31, 2018
AURORA—“He was the perfect altar server,” said Franciscan Sister Kathryn Frankovich who came from Lemont to the ordination of her former student as he became Father Antony Maria Minardi, OSB, on May 26 at Marmion Abbey.
She was serving as director of religious education at Plano and Yorkville in the Joliet Diocese when the future priest was in junior and senior high school. 
“I told him I’d be at his ordination no matter what,” Sister Kathryn said, at a time when the young man already knew he wanted to be a priest.
“The day long awaited has finally come,” said Bishop David Malloy in his homily, noting then-Brother Antony Maria’s ordination to the diaconate the year before. 
“The conversation (a year ago) as I recall was jovially about the clock that had started ticking, pointing to this day ... God Himself has been waiting for this day ... Before you were even conceived, before the world even came to be, God was looking to this day as part of His plan for you and for the world.”
From his hometown of York-ville, Father Antony attended Marmion Academy, graduating from there in 2008. He entered the Benedictine Order in June 2012.
“By sacred ordination today, you join and surpass the Old Testament prophets by the anointing you are to receive,” Bishop Malloy said. “You are being asked to step forward out of the crowd of disciples in order to join the Apostles, the first priests.
“Of course, that is an honor ... but humanly — the honor disappears in the responsibility that you are receiving and assuming.”
The bishop’s homily was followed by the ordination rite, which included the promise by the priest-elect to respect and obey Father Abbot John Brahill and his successors. A Litany of the Saints was sung, the bishop and all priests present laid their hands upon him and the prayer of consecration was prayed.
The new priest then was vested with the stole and chasuble, his hands were anointed, the paten of bread and chalice of wine presented to him, and the sign of peace led into the rest of the Mass.
Father Antony Maria stood beside Bishop Malloy at the altar, joining with him and all the priests present in the celebration. The new priest made certain to bring the Eucharist to his former religious education teacher.
After the Mass, Sister Kathryn asked Father Antony Maria if he recalled the time when she told him she would come to his ordination.
Grinning and nodding his affirmation, the new priest said, “And here you are!” And he gave her one of his first priestly blessings. 
He imparted his blessings to many others at a luncheon that followed in the Lux Dining Hall of Marmion Academy. 
That gathering of family and friends helped to wrap up the joy of the day and new life in Christ where, as Bishop Malloy said in his homily, God “will walk with you because He wants you to succeed, and He wants the fruits of your priesthood.”