Collection Helps Around the World
International Appeal Weekend, March 9-10
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
March 7, 2019
DIOCESE—The second combined collection for 2019 will be taken up in parishes this weekend of March 9-10.
The International Appeal, says Bishop David Malloy, provides “an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those who suffer and are marginalized throughout the world.”
The one collection benefits six separate causes:
Aid to the Catholic Churches in Central and Eastern Europe
This cause helps the Church in places where it continues to struggle to rebuild after many years of oppressive rule. Your support here will help rebuild churches, support seminary programs, ministries and education. Last year, our diocese provided $21,730 to this appeal. 
Info: www.usccb/catholic-giving/opportunities-for-giving/central-and-eastern-europe/
Peter’s Pence 
This collection provides the Holy Father with funds to help victims of oppression, war and other disasters. In 2018, the Rockford Diocese gave $174,727 to this cause.
Info: www.usccb/catholic-giving/opportunities-for-giving/peters-pence
Worldwide and U.S. Disaster Relief Fund, Rockford Diocese Response 
This fund provides resources for our own bishop to respond to requests for financial assistance in the case of natural or other disasters. In the past year, Bishop Malloy provided $20,000 to aid victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.
Catholic Relief Services 
CRS helps families on every continent, including in the U.S., who face a myriad of needs stemming mostly from persecution and natural disasters. The Diocese of Rockford provided $68,977 last year to help the world through CRS. 
The final two appeals help in our own diocese. 
The Catholic Elementary School Financial Support for the Diocese of Rockford 
The Rockford Diocesan Priests’ Pension
These funds provide assistance that benefits children and retired priests. This collection provided $43,059 to our needy schools last year, and last year’s contribution to the priests pension totaled $141,886. 
“In each of these appeals, we have the opportunity to stand with the Church in Her works of mercy and charity,” says Bishop Malloy in his brochure letter. Near or far away, many people of all ages will be helped by our contributions to the International Appeal.