Silver and Gold
Married Couples Honored at Annual Mass Aug. 18 in Huntley
By Margarita Mendoza, El Observador Editor
August 22, 2019
HUNTLEY—This year 303 couples participated in the traditional Silver and Gold celebration, Aug. 18 at St Mary Parish, here. 
Some brought family members and friends to share the day. All received a blessing from Bishop David Malloy.
“Marriage is a gift and as any gift comes from the hand but also from the heart of the giver. In this case, it is a gift that you have received from God,” said  Bishop Malloy in his homily.
On his visits around the Rockford Diocese, couples have told the bishop the Silver and Gold Mass is motivational.
“I’ve been approached by participants during the year,” the bishop said. Some have told him how proud they are because they took part in a Silver and Gold Mass.
Others have said, “We were  there and have never forgotten,” according to Bishop Malloy. 
Still others mentioned looking forward “ ‘to seeing you on Sunday, (Aug.) 18,’ or ‘we can’t wait’ or ‘it means so much to us.’ I hear it time and again,” said Bishop Malloy. 
The Silver and Gold celebration “was a beautiful day full of light and joy. There was a smile on everyone’s face,” said Jennifer Collins, director of the diocesan Life and Family Evangelization Office, which coordinates the event. 
“Marriage and family are not just a generic concept,” said  the bishop, they are as unique as their anecdotes, like one from Cesar A. and  Gladys H. Vega, parishioners of St Mary in Huntley.
“We have two kids and three grandchildren,” said Gladys. “When we were leaving on our honeymoon, it was the same day the men landed on the moon. We stayed watching TV until (they were) on the moon and because of that we missed the flight.” 
They married on July 19, 1969, and had July 20 tickets for their honeymoon.    
Michael and Bernadine McGinnis, parishioners of St. Mary of the Assumption in Maple Park, took their 70th anniversary with humor.
Those are “65 of the happiest years of our life,” said Michael.
His wife explained he says that because, “The first five years he was a slow learner.”