Maytown Women Pass 5,000-Dress Mark
November 7, 2019
MAYTOWN—Since 2011, women from St. Patrick Parish here have been making “Little Dresses for Africa.”
Meeting every Wednesday, the group and friends have  constructed 5,029 dresses for girls and hundreds of britches for boys.
On Sept. 11 they met for a potluck lunch in the parish hall. Kathy Bohn and Joyce Peterson from Samaritans’ Purse, Operation Christmas Child, joined the group and accepted 30 dresses and 30 britches to be included in Christmas gift boxes. They will be sent all over the world.
Due to the generosity of many, the group has not had to buy fabric. 
Volunteers are welcome to join the group in their efforts. 
Info: Marilyn Weeks, 815-638-3303