Father Reichardt’s chalice is a French antique
June 11, 2020
Father Reichardt chose an antique chalice for his ordination.
“I found a French antique dealer through a mutual friend who specializes in high quality antique church (and)sacred items. We just started emailing and he had a slew of chalices. I love this style (Neo-Gothic) and took it!”
Father Reichardt says the chalice itself is from 1867 and the paten is from 1853. He said in an email that the chalice and paten  “are both from France and were recovered from a convent that closed. Inscribed in French in the bottom is ‘Given by the Tillier family, 1867.’ 
“I did some research on this family. If true (not authenticated), they were a noble family in this region of France that were well known benefactors to the church. They even helped to protect priests during the French Revolution.”
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