DCCW Encourages School Supply Donations
August 20, 2020
DIOCESE—Some school supply drives in the diocese are running a little late this year, according to Jeanette Gawronski, president of the Rockford Diocesan Council of Catholic Women.
The DCCW and its deanery councils encourage donors to focus first on any school supply drives organized by their parishes, acknowledging the economic difficulties fellow parishioners may be facing.
Many of those needs are described in parish bulletins for their own or other parish schools. Donors also are welcome to contact the Catholic Charities office in their area about needed supplies.
Basic school supplies are needed
Crayons — 8, 16, or 24
Colored markers — 8
Colored pencils
Black pencils — no. 2
3-ring binder
Tissue — large box
Erasers — pink
Ink pens — blue, black, or red 
Highlighters — yellow
Red pencils
Water paints — Prang
Elmer’s School Glue
Pencil boxes
Spiral notebooks — wide-lined
Notebook paper — wide-lined 
Note Cards — 3x5 inches, lined
Rulers — marked with both inches and metric
Money always helps with ‘extras’
Sometimes children need special supplies, and money donations would help provide them.  This is especially true in the lower grades where they need special writing paper.  All children need gym shoes. High school math classes require special calculators.
In Rockford, donors can give to help children at St. Elizabeth Catholic Community Center on South Main Street.
The children served by St. Elizabeth’s will each receive a personal “box” of supplies. It will stay at the center and there will be no sharing. They also will receive backpacks with school supplies at the center’s Food Pantry when school starts.
Money and checks are welcome so staff can purchase whatever the children need. 
Checks can be made out to St. Elizabeth Center, and sent to the attention of Terri Hill, director, 1536 S. Main St, Rockford, IL 61102. 
Include a note or a notation on the check saying “For school supplies and what children need.” 
“Sometimes the children need things that might not be included in the general term school supplies — shoes, calculators, uniforms,” Gawronski wrote in a note to DCCW members.
She said, “Remember to serve the children in your parish first,” then added, “Thank you so much for all the support you have shown over the years. This year there are many more children who need help. “Put a smile on their faces.” 
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