Advent: Rejoice and Act for God
Advent Reflection
Father Timothy Mulcahey, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Aurora, pastor
December 10, 2020
A dvent means that Christ is arriving. Historically this term has referred both to His birth as well as His future second coming. But to us, it often means nothing more than the countdown to the Christmas holidays. 
But if we really want to live Advent spiritually, we can learn a lesson from the Blessed Virgin’s experience of the first Advent.
In the first place, we need to rejoice. The opening antiphon to this third week of Advent is “Gaudete in Domino ... .” “Rejoice in the Lord.” 
This invitation reminds us of Gabriel’s salutation: “Xaire Maria,” which we translate from the Greek as “Hail, Mary,” but can also mean, “rejoice, Mary, be glad.” Mary begins Advent with joyful news: the Lord is already present. 
We like to think of the word Advent as meaning “coming,” but more than that, it means “arrival.” Because for the Christian, He is already here. He is always with us. 
Mary lived the first Advent with Christ already in her womb. She was full of grace and joy because God was already with her. He had already arrived even though no one else would know Him for another nine months.
This inner joy and grace led Mary to be active, and that’s the second characteristic of our Advent: action. 
Full of grace, Mary went in haste to the hill country to visit her cousin Elizabeth. This was not planned, at least not by Mary. It was what she was inspired to do. 
When we experience God’s grace, which is just a way of saying God’s dwelling within us, we are ready for action. Not activism or busyness. It’s not being able to magically check items off my checklist. It’s a readiness for service. 
It can be a spur of the moment impulse to go out and do what God wants us to do for others. It is not a waiting around for Christmas while we get stuff done. It is a living outside of ourselves as we bring God to others.
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