Perpetual Light Society Meets, Receives Thanks
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
October 7, 2021
ROCKFORD—Using the example of the archangels, Bishop David Malloy described the link between our life on earth and gaining a place in heaven during his homily at a Mass for the Perpetual Light Society. 
After a two-year hiatus thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Claudia Broman, director of the Office of Charitable Giving, invited the members of the Perpetual Light Society to pray, enjoy dinner and hear
about some aspects of the work of diocesan Church mission. 
The Perpetual Light Society is made up of those individuals who have given or designated gifts to the diocesan Church and its endowments which fund and support the work of parishes, education, charity and so on. It also includes members who have made their parishes and/or diocesan Church a recipient in their wills.
The event was held at Holy Family Parish, Sept. 29 on the Feast day of Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael the Archangels. 
“This feast tells us a rich story,” Bishop Malloy said as he talked about how the angels “received their special gifts and tasks from God with joy.” He said all those on earth should receive their gifts and tasks with the same joy and “all the while keeping an eye on being with the Father in His house.” 
“We all want to be able to say, ‘I accepted your gifts and gave them away’ — to do good things and do them for God,” Bishop Malloy said in describing how good works on earth are linked to our desire to be with God after death. He said this is what is important about the Perpetual Light Society. 
After Mass, a dinner and program were held featuring choral and jazz music provided by musicians from Aurora Central Catholic High School.
Dan O’Malley, director of the Catholic Foundation, thanked Perpetual Light Society members for their part of the good work made possible by the financial contributions given to the endowments of the Rockford Diocese.
Those contributions have resulted in over $54 million dollars in disbursements to parishes, schools, cemeteries and various ministries in the diocese while the total balance of those endowments has reached over $100 million.
The main speaker, Vito DeFrisco, superintendent of Catholic schools provided a brief overview of “A Vision for Catholic Schools,” to illustrate to the Perpetual Light Society members, the positive work accomplished in the diocese in regard to Catholic education.
For more information about the Perpetual Light Society and/or the Catholic Foundation contact Claudia Broman at
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