Make Your Way into the Desert
Lent Reflection
by Father Kyle Manno
February 11, 2021
by Father Kyle Manno
Pastor, Christ the Teacher University Parish, DeKalb
Vocations Director
In just a few days, Ash Wednesday will be upon us and Lent, the period of 40 days that precedes the celebration of Easter, will begin. 
During Lent, we are invited to enter into a spiritual desert. Entering into this desert gives us each the opportunity to detach from the things in our lives that inhibit us from uniting our hearts perfectly to Jesus Christ. 
What will you give up this Lent? If you don’t yet have an answer to that question, I encourage you to search for the things in your life that you use to numb and protect yourself from pain.
If you are a person who anesthetizes yourself with food, perhaps you could give up a dessert that you turn to in times of suffering so that you may more fully experience your crosses and better unite them with the Cross of Christ. 
If you have a tendency to turn to the Internet to feel less alone, consider limiting your time online and turn instead to Jesus who is the only One who can offer you perfect friendship. 
If you are inclined to go shopping every time you experience an uncomfortable feeling, think about putting a limit on your spending this Lent and instead devote that time to prayer, asking God to comfort you and heal your heart.  
Also, remember that remaining faithful to our Lenten sacrifices requires fortitude, patience and self-discipline, gifts that are given to us by God and gifts which we receive by entering into communion with Him and opening ourselves up to His grace. 
With this in mind, endeavor to not let a day go by during Lent that doesn’t include at least 15 minutes of prayer. For if you combine faithful prayer with a truly meaningful sacrifice, I promise that you will enter into Easter a person purified, transformed and intoxicated by the love of God! 


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