Gathering Guidelines Change Again
Bishop eliminates need for Mass registration, Communion still to be offered only in the host
June 4, 2021
ROCKFORD—In a letter sent May 26, Bishop David Malloy explained updated gathering guidelines for the Rockford Diocese to priests, principals and superintendents, department heads, business managers, and regional directors of religious education.
The letter read, in part: 
“Churches and meeting spaces should be sanitized regularly. Hand sanitizer should remain readily available for those who wish to utilize it. Local county health department guidelines should continue to be observed.
“Registration is no longer required for Mass attendance. If attendance at a non-sacramental meeting or gathering is anticipated to exceed 60% capacity of the gathering space, registration should be required, to ensure attendance is capped at 60%.
“Holy Communion will remain under one species for the faithful. Vessels no longer need to remain covered at all times. Eucharistic Ministers may bring Holy Communion to hospitals, the homebound, or those in care facilities. Family members may take Holy Communion to their family and friends at the discretion of the pastor.
“Continue to refrain from having altar servers. Choirs are now permitted. Musicians, including those who play brass and woodwind instruments, are permitted. Cantors are permitted. The offertory procession of gifts may resume.
“Hymnals, Bibles, missals, prayer cards, etc. in the pews may resume. Bulletins may now be distributed. Collection baskets that are passed should not be used yet. Continue to refrain from the Sign of Peace. Holy Water fonts should not be used yet, but containers may be filled using the holy water dispenser.
“Confessions may take place in confessionals. The confessional should be sanitized regularly. Baptisms with multiple candidates for baptism may take place.
“Concerts, plays, and musicals may take place. Overnight youth activities are no longer limited to those 16 and older.
“Except as revised by this letter and my letter of May 19, 2021, the guidance I issued on May 13, 2021, remains in effect and will continue to be updated in the coming weeks as appropriate.”
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