What to do to build stronger parental rights and a culture of life
December 16, 2021
Parents and others can take spiritual and concrete actions.
 “Parents are the primary educators of their children and when public education does not uphold the dignity of the human person, we must express our objections,” says the Catholic Conference of Illinois.
 “We are obliged to protect the dignity of the family,” John Jelinek says, and calls everyone — those with young children and all other adults — to “be involved and engaged, and also to pray and fast” for God’s assistance and protection.
 After the repeal of parental notification of an abortion was passed, Rockford’s Bishop David Malloy released a letter that said in part: “I urge all people of good will to offer their prayers at this time. We pray for all the future victims of this tragic vote. We pray also for all those who have voted for this legislation.
“But given our democratic society, this is a vote we should never forget. At the next election, we should be mindful of those legislators who voted in favor of family, young girls and life, and those who did not.
“Our participation in the democratic process and our society should make this a primary issue to recall as we seek to bring about a better world that is truly just.”
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