Second Combined Collection Serves Internationally
International Appeal Weekend March 9-10
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
February 29, 2024

DIOCESE—The second “One in Christ” combined collection — the International Appeal — will be taken up in parishes of the Rockford Diocese the weekend of March 9-10. Envelopes and information have been mailed to registered households prior to the collection. Donors may select one or more of the beneficiaries in this appeal or allow Bishop David Malloy to choose where to distribute their contributions.

The idea of a combined appeal was begun decades ago by the late Bishop Arthur J. O’Neill in part to eliminate many otherwise individually collected parish special collections. The International Appeal raises funds for several causes:

-- Peter’s Pence: this collection provides the Holy Father with funds he can use to assist his choice of needs around the world. These proceeds often benefit victims of wars and natural disasters. Last year, this diocese gave $49,140 to this part of the appeal. Info:

-- Catholic Relief Services (CRS): CRS serves individuals in communities worldwide in many ways including providing help to victims of persecution and natural disasters; legal services to poor immigrants; and the agency also advocates for powerless communities. Last year the Diocese of Rockford provided $38,887 to this collection. Info:

-- Aid to the Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe: The Church continues to recover in these areas where churches were destroyed or confiscated during communist regimes. This part of the appeal helps rebuild churches, supports seminaries, promotes ministries and education and renews community life around the region. In 2023, the Rockford Diocese contributed $78,690 to this part of the combined collection. Info:

Additionally, this International Appeal helps the Diocese of Rockford in three ways:

-- Catholic Schools Financial Support helps underprivileged schools of the diocese; last year this collection provided $45,000 to this effort. Info:

-- Worldwide and U.S. Disaster Relief Fund allows the diocesan bishop to respond to some of many requests he receives each year for assistance from natural disasters; last year Bishop Malloy distributed $25,000 for disaster response. Info:

-- Diocesan Priests Pension to assist the diocese’s aging priests; last year $143,979 was distributed to the pension. Info:

“This Lent, please reflect on the blessings God has given to you … and how you can use (them) to bless others with mercy and charity,” Bishop Malloy says in his letter about the appeal.

The appeal, he adds, supports “ministries that reach out to the marginalized and share the Gospel message throughout the world.”

He concludes by saying simply, “May God bless you this Lenten season.”


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